Saturday, January 19, 2008

A great green site..and some super bottles

Hi everyone! Fancy here!

Looking for some help to greenify your life in bite sized pieces? Check out The Ideal Bite. This website sends you daily tips to help greenify and simplify your lives in ways that are small yet significant. The website it self is easy to use, and hip as could be. No preaching, just great tips that can easily be fit into anyone's life! Check it wont be sorry!

Now for the Bottles:
I am a big fan of water. It is so good for you!! I am not, however, a fan of disposable plastic water bottles. They cause a lot of waste (yes, I know they are recyclable. But, recycling still takes a lot of energy and in my opinion should be saved for essentials. Unless you are somewhere that the water in unsafe-not Toronto-bottled water is not essential. As well, I know a lot of people don't recycle them all, as they carry them around and toss them wherever is convenient when they are done).

So, I use a Aluminum water bottle and refill it with tap water all day long! Mine is from SIGG, and I just love it. It looks great, and the water doesn't get a plasticky taste. I do believe that Hard plastic reusable water bottles like Nalgene are also reasonably safe (though I prefer metal). Here are some super cute bottles for you to check out. Wanna buy? Click them to find out where:

P.S. The last one is mine. Purty, isn't it?


C said...

Great post, Fancy! I really like those bottles too. Mine are kind of boring. I've got one aluminum one and one hard plastic blue one.

I like the SIGG bottles. They've got some nice ones for kids.

Off to check out that Ideal Bite site now. ;)

C. K. said...

I love how the last one has the pink ribbon logo to support breast cancer research. It's always great to see logo put into good use.

I've got a boring one too, but since I work at home, I just use the good ol' mug and glasses. ;)