Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A perfectly green handbag

Hi everyone! Fancy here!

I am so excited about this new blog with the fabulous C.K.!! I started going green about 2 years ago, when I chose to start using the amazing reusable Diva Cup. I did not make this decision for the environment, but the more research I did, the more connected I got to women that did make this change and others, to reduce waste and protect our precious planet. So, I got caught up in the movement, and have never looked back.

I will only do so much though. I am a city girl through and through and will not sacrifice style, comfort or convenience for the environment, so instead I look for ways to do good for the world, and still stay true to my fashionista self. No crunchy granola mamma here!

Handbags are a big passion of mine, and I recently got tuned into a new handbag line that is both gorgeous and eco-friendly. Sparrow Handbags are made from organic cotton, dyed with environmentally safe dyes, and lined with recycled Tetra boxes! That's right, Sparrow uses Tetra boxes to help their handbags keep their structures shape. No animal products are used, of course.

OK, so they sound kinda crunchy, yes?I mean, Tetra boxes? Really! Well, take a look at these beauties:

Not a crunch in sight! I haven't bought one yet, but they are on my list. They are all around the $100CAD price point and available at Eco-handbags online, or these Canadian retail stores.

Bonus points: You'll be supporting a small, privately owned company!


C. K. said...

Oooh, they're GREAT-looking BAGS, Fancy! I love them!

C. K. said...

Must say - way better than the ones called reusables from the supermarket.

Well - I'm off for the wedding... have fun! I'll be back next Tuesday!

C said...

Excellent post, Fancy! And, those handbags are great looking! Isn't it amazing what people can make out of what others would call garbage? Truly brilliant! Love it!

shredz said...

Gorgeous. I love the last one!

As for Indian bridal wear, thanks for the idea, I might do a post on that later on.


shredz said...

Whoops, the Indian bridal wear thing was meant for c.k. - sorry!

Cherry said...

Those are lovely! I have been having a bit of a battle with myself lately in my search for a handbag. I am drawn to the ones made with leather, but I'd rather not go there.
Its so tough!

About the Diva Cup, good for you! I haven't made that leap yet, but am considering those washable cotton pads. It's that whole public restroom/office washroom thing that irks me.

Leslie said...

Like the new blog. Care if I share it?

Fancy said...

Thanx C.K., have a great time at the wedding!

Thanx C! How right you are!

I like the last one too shredz...no worries about the message for C.K. on my post, we are all friends here!!

Cherry, the Diva usually isn't an issue. Most days I clean it out at home before work, and then again when I get home. On days where I do need to deal with it out...I just carry a bottle of water in my purse and rinse it out into the toilet when no one else is there. I love my clothies too. I will be sure to post more on girlie stuff soon!

Thanx Leslie, please feel free to promote us!

Karen MEG said...

Those are beautiful! Tetra paks... how ingenious!