Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brad Pitt with New Orleans --- and "Plant Some Trees, Please!" video

I've been wrapped up with the finer spring weather in Hong Kong and catching up on personal day to day living - so I haven't been blogging much... but thanks to C and Farmer John and Fancy all contributed to this green blog community and keeping this green lifestyle alive. I greatly appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and support.

Whenever I have a moment, I go over to Ecorazzi and check up on the fabulously green celebrities news. The most note-worthy is Brad Pitt's lead on assisting Global Green’s Holy Cross campaign in building five single-family homes as well as an 18 unit apartment complex all built green to a wonderful new green start for the residents of New Orleans. These homes are built to save an estimated $1200 to $2400 a year in utility bills.

Not to mention they are stylish and chic.

Also - here's a funny and cute youtube vid making a poignant statement -- squirrel without a home is a sad, sad thing.


S.C. said...

Really ?! That is amazing! You knew, one thing I have been thinking about is how wonderfull it would be if magazines start using rycled paper. You know, all of them. And other thing...Hairproducts should be all CO2 free. Not only it would be better for our health but also for our planet. Can you post green products ?

Curiosity Killer said...

S.C. - that's a great idea! I believe there are magazines in Toronto that's made of recycled paper, I don't know how well they're turning out since I hadn't been keeping track with their success.

And yes, of course we can post green products! Anything you want to read about?

Fruitful Vine said...

That's so cool about those apartments and homes.