Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kiss me all over!

Hi everyone! Fancy here!

Kiss My Face is one of my very favorite organic eco-friendly lines. Kiss My Face offers body and facial products, with no animal testing, as many natural ingredients and as few chemicals as possible, all packaged in recyclable plastic. The products are available at health food stores, on their website (www.kissmyface.com) and drugstore.com. They are not low priced, but lower priced than, say, Burt’s Bee’s.

One of my staple KMF products is their Oil-Free Aloe Vanilla Moisturizer . This yummy lotion comes in a 4oz tube (3.99USD) or 16oz bottle (9.99USD).

The first thing I love about this is the smell. It is lovely. I love vanilla smells, and this lotion meets my expectations well, with it’s light and fresh cakey vanilla scent. It smells wonderful and I love to sniff myself when I use this lotion. The smell is not overwhelming and no one but you will notice it!
Next, the feel. A nice, thick white lotion. It absorbs easily and quickly, leaving my skin feeling very smooth. After it absorbs my skin feels soft and in good condition for at least a day.

Then, the effect. The lotion does a good job of moisturizing, and the Alpha Hydroxy Acids also exfoliate. A few years ago I noticed I was getting some of those dry bumps on the back of my arms after a summer without using much lotion, and after a few days with Kiss my Face they were gone. I cannot see exfoliating happening, but my skin feels so soft I am sure it is!

I have even tried this lotion on my face a few times. It absorbs quickly on my face and has not irritated my skin or caused breakouts at all, nor did it interfere with cosmetic application or leave my face greasy. I am not using it on my face now, as I have another face lotion I prefer, but if I ran out of face lotion and had some Kiss my Face left, I would not hesitate to use it. Give it a try!!


C. K. said...

Do you know if Sephora sells them?

C said...

Mmmm! I love Kiss My Face products!

CK, I've been trying for two days to check out your blog, but it says that the link no longer exists. Do you know anything about that?

Fancy said...

No, not Sephora. Much lower cost than anything at Sephora...Drusgtore.com does, and lots of drugstores her in Toronto.

I've been having problems on this blog...I tried to comment on the Green IQ post, but it would not show me the word verification code, so I couldn't. I got 44%..probably because I drive A LOT. I have no choice, except quitting my job...but I could live without the environmental cost of driving 2K a month!

Of course, it somewhat depends how the questions are asked. It asks about reducing waste...but not how one reduces waste...I am sure most people that say "yes" on that don't use reusable menstrual products for example...I could get mucho points for that I'll bet! It is one way I try to offset my car usage!

C said...

CK, this is what has been showing up for the past two days whenever I try to click on your everyday blog: 403 Error - Forbidden
You have recieved this message because the resource you have requested is not accessable by the webserver due to file permissions or other locking conditions. Please verify that you have access rights to the requested resource or that the Apache daemon has access rights to the requested resource before trying again.

What's up with that? :(