Friday, January 25, 2008

This is about YOUR BEAUTY

Do you know that in our lifetime, an average woman absorbs two kilograms of chemicals from conventional beauty products? That's a tub full of antifreeze and petroleum oil poured all over your face and body. And you wonder why you just look worse after you start using makeup? It's not just the aging.

Our skin is our largest organ - and once you pay attention to the ingredients in these skincare and cosmetic products that you use on your face - you'll realize the short term gratification doesn't justify ruining your health, your beauty, and spending all your hard earned money.

This post is not about being a tree-hugger. This post is about you, your beauty and the necessary steps we need to take in order to protect yourself. And it is only common sense that our nature has provided us the best for our skin all along.

Years ago, I finally found my perfect RED LIPS in an AVEDA store. I tried the lipstick and right away - bought the lipstick and lipgloss that creates the most gorgeous red pouts I've always dreamt of since I was a little girl. I wasn't thinking about the green message that Aveda was carrying. I was simply amazed at how natural and incredible the colours come about. It was perfect... and to me, it was icing on the cake that the packaging is environmentally sound. It was wonderful to learn the ingredients are natural and actually good for me, but the most important thing was, I got the beautiful red lips that I wanted for so long.

That got my attention on Aveda, and other organic and natural beauty products.

Gone is the old era where the words "organic skin care" is the home-made lumpy oatmeals and sticky honey on your face and mayonaisse in your hair (not that there's anything wrong with it! If you are a natural natural girl, bravo!)

But like most city girls, I'm hooked on luxury products that includes all the fancy ingredients that we're convinced are necessary. Besides, there's nothing like unwrapping the beautiful packagings and conveniently glossy face powders and lipsticks. When I see matching set of pretty bottles in my bathroom, it makes me wanna spend more time to treat my face.

Recently, more and more doctors, researchers, and women are questioning and testing the over the counter skincare and beauty products - for the efficiencies, the ingredients, and whether there had been any false marketing. Intelligent women from all the world are recognizing a lot of the skincare may not necessarily be good for us.

Sure, quite alot of these over-the-counter products smell great and feels nice... but how would you feel when you find out they were all just marketing schemes to get your cash? The chemicals in these products are actually hurting you and destroying your natural beauty!

To make sure we are all investing in the right products, I employ you to join me in your future visits to the cosmetics counter. Invest in yourself, and invest in your future - by investing a range of loving products that are good for you, and is beautiful inside and out.

With these products, we can't lose.
  • Care by Stella McCartney - 100% organic active ingredients - it has taken YSL Beaute 3 years to develop an organic skincare range. This brand really knows about luxury.
  • Green People - natural hair and skincare products for men, women, children, and babies
  • Aveda - the largest brand (funded by Estee Lauder) for natural skin care, cosmetics, haircare - organic when possible.
  • Origins - full line of plant-based skin care, makeup, and body care products. It is wellness based beauty brand. It now has a very first organic line of skin care products that carries 95% organic USDA certification seal.
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C said...

Great post, CK! I use a lipgloss by Aveda. I started using it because I've got very sensitive skin and I get reactions to certain cosmetics. I've found that Aveda products work well for me and don't irritate my skin.

Daisy said...

I love the Aveda haircare products. I found some research saying they weren't as green as they claimed, but none of them seemed to be reputable scientific sources. All I know is my hair feels 10 times healthier since I've started using their stuff. Now I'm curious about the make-up (though I don't wear much).

Fancy said...

I have tried some Aveda stuff as well, and really like it. My favorite organic/eco-friendly brands are actually Kiss my Face (greatest shaving cream ever) and Burt's Bee's!

Curiosity Killer said...

C - it's incredible how different once I switched over to more natural cosmetics. It feels so good during and after the makeup wore off! My lips is back to a healthier color too. Crazy.

daisy - I heard about that too. I personally feel since eco-beauty is still quite new in its stages, Aveda is already doing giant leaps for womenkind. It'll be nice to finally use products that "meets all standards", but in the meantime, I'll be the judge for myself. :)

fancy -- I've tried some Burt's Bee's stuff as well, and they have great stuff too!

Francisca said...

yeahhhh I don't use make up. Just on special and very very special occasions. The rest of the days its just Spm 15 lotion and washing my face in the morning and at night...oh and moisturizer.