Thursday, February 28, 2008

I know, I suck

Hi everyone! Fancy here!

I have been an awful green blogger lately...sorry...some personal stuff has sucked all the creative juices out of me, but I'll be back and better than ever soon.

I will leave you all with a pet peeve of mine-Idling cars!!! Grrr. Okay, because we have been pummeled with snow lately, I have been telling my car idle while I clear it off, but only to run the defrost so that I actually can clear it off, and it is the only time it ever idles.

One place I notice the most idling cars is my daughter's daycare. Parent leave the cars idling while they drop their kids off or pick them up. I just don't get it. If they were in the car long enough to get to daycare it is probably already warm anyways. My car is, and I live less than a kilometer from the place! So they are idling it just to keep it warm for the 5-10 minutes that they are gone from it, failing to recognize that if it is already warm, it will rewarm really quickly. Like, the second they start it. So unnecessary. Or course, 5 minutes or so may not seem like minutes that long...but it all daycares in the city are like mine, that adds up to a heck of a carbon footprint. Kudos to my city for making idling more than 5 minutes illegal (too bad the other daycare parents haven't noticed!

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Curiosity Killer said...

The government do the same thing here in Hong Kong.

Welcome back!

I was just thinking about a new format for our green blog. maybe something more journal-ish...?