Saturday, February 9, 2008

More green and girly

Hi everyone! Fancy here!

Boys, you may want to look away!

So, by now you all know that I use the Diva Cup...not even for the environment, but for me (even thought the environmental aspects of it really appeal to me). In addition to the cup I use panty-liners. Not just for back-up, but also often at other non-menstrual times of the months when I feel like I need something extra

About 6 months ago, I started to feel very guilty aobut the waste my liners were causing, so I began to look into reusable liners. I know, a lot of you may be thinking "gross", but remember this is for back-up and everday protection, not full on menses (not that I think that is gross either, but it is a little beyond my laundry abilities, I am a big fan of Avoiding Laundry Creation).

So, I got me a nice little collection of cloth liners, and have never turned back...I am now proud to announce that my cycles are waste free. Using cloth liners is really easy, since they are not for heavy flow (though I have started to use them instead of fiddling with my cup on very light flow days at the end of my period) they do not get very soiled at all. No need to pre-wash or pre-soak them, I just toss them in the laundry bin, and wash them right along with my normal load. They go in the washer and dryer ,and since no folding or hanging is required, they really don't add to my work at all! Also, they are soft and comfy, can be used for a long time, and no more last-minute runs to the drugstore!!

There are two types of liners, winged and not. I find that the winged to tend to be heavier (except the tuition ones, see below), so I use those for days when I atually need protection, as back up for the Diva on heavy flow days, or on their own on lighter days. They do great and are very comfy, but definately bulkier than your typical lighdays and more like a pad.

As for wingless, these are more like you're average panti-liner. They come in some different sizes so I have some that are verysmall and light (for every day) and some that are a bit more heavy-duty. The only problem with these is they can fall out when you pee, so make sure to grab it when you pull down your dainties, or you may lose it in the potty (yes, I have done a wedding no less!)

Anyway, I will share some of my favorite site with our faithful green readers:

Vaj-Pads (I know, gross name, but great liners, shop the in stock shop for deals!)

LunaPads (Pricey, but every size, style and design you could want...and Canadian!)

Tuition on Etsy (these are small and comfy, but with wings, so they don't go plop. Also, very very cheap!)

Other Etsy Sellers (Etsy is a great place to get home-made cloth pads for a good price!)

Pretty, yes:


C. K. said...

Wow fancy. You're a pro with this greener flow of life. LOL

C said...

Hey, Fancy!
I love the reusable pads. I've been using them since university. Obviously not the same ones though! LOL! I haven't tried the Diva yet. I've been contemplating for a while now.

This may gross some people out, but a girlfriend of mine (who got me started on using the reusable cloth pads) soaks the 'used' pads in water before she washes them. She then waters her plants with the 'soiled' water. Her plants are the greenest, healthiest plants I have ever seen!!!

Okay, I do it too sometimes. Hope you guys don't think I'm gross! LOL!

Fancy said...

I dont think it is gross...I have also heard it works.

C said...

Fancy, I don't know if this is a weird or silly question, but can the Diva Cup be used when you're swimming? Does it get in the way of do you feel it? I'm seriously contemplating getting one.

Fancy said...

C you don't feel it and can absolutely wear it swimming...I have many times!

Me said...

What a great post! That is sooo cool. I will try...I mean...well I will. :)