Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Green TV Show for Kids

One of Little One's favourite TV shows is dirtgirlworld. I have to admit, that when we first started watching the show a few months ago, Dirtgirl really annoyed me. However, the music and lessons in each episode have kind of grown on me. My 17 ,month old really loves the show.

In one episode (entitled "SLUGS"), Dirt Girl teaches kids how to discourage slugs from eating the lettuce in her garden...naturally. She calls upon all the "green thumbs"/viewers to practice using crushed egg shells, onion water, hay, Nasturtiums, or a sandpaper doughnut (sandpaper cut into a circle and to be put around the plants) to ward off slugs. She also says, if all else fails, give the slugs their own lettuce patch to feast on so that they leave your lettuce alone!

What a great way to teach young children about gardening, the environment, animals, and even insects!

"My best worst bug is still the slug."


Sweet Mummy said...

My kiddos are outside the 'age range' for this show, but they still like it. It's such a wacky show - real life with animation and crazy creatures. We like it!

C said...

Sweet Mummy:
You are so right! It *is* a wacky show! I wasn't sure how I felt about it initially, but it kind of grew on me! The music is pretty good too! LOL!

Anna Patricia said...

Hmmm... yup I have to agree about the unsure part. But I have animator friends and appreciate cartoons/kid shows, and this one is pretty unique looking!

Zen's Bohemia said...

It's really nice to find a green blogger in this part of the world. Looking forward to read more when you find time to blog. :)
ps: ur baby's really cute!

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